About Exhibition

This international exhibition in Tehran is one of the best opportunities for Iranian and non-Iranian business activists to find out about the latest technologies and business development strategies of the domestic and international markets. This international exhibition can give you a great chance to show your products, solutions, and services, and find the best matches regarding partners and clients for your business market. Looking forward to participating? We are looking forward to welcoming you to the exhibition. As one private exhibition executor in Iran with successful experiences in executing exhibition projects for companies from around the world, we provide you with anything you might need during your business trip to Iran. We grant you hassle-free business experience in Iran, unloading all the burdens off your shoulder; providing you with pre-registration, registration, booth selection, booth decoration, facilities, human resources, etc.
Also, with years of experience in running multiple business CIP tours and political VIP Travels from around the world to Iran, providing you with accommodation, transportation, interpreters, visa services, etc. is the least we can do for you. After you arrive in Iran so that you experience a great exhibition participation/visit, we provide you with business consultation and trade promotion services in Iran; making sure you are on the right path when dealing with Iran’s market. Our team of business consultants accompanies you from goals to results, from MOUs to contracts, and from orders to shipping! During your exhibitions, we arrange B2B sessions for you, invite potential clients/investors to your booth, and finally we make sure you gain the most from each business relationship with your targets.


  • Printing equipment
  • Disposable container production machine
  • Printing and printing machines (roll sheet)
  • Printing raw materials such as paper, foil, and film
  • Ink, Havelock coating
  • Peripheral equipment and control
  • Binding and binding equipment
  • Printing room control equipment


  • Packaging and printing machines and multipurpose machines
  • Opening, filling, and sewing packaging machines
  • Packaging materials – consumables
  • Equipment related to the production and installation of labels
  • Packaging machines
  • Performance testing and packaging quality
  • Packaging design and consulting